Double Glazing- How long will your’s last?

Old windows
Old windows

Double glazing is expensive – a worthwhile expense – but an expense nonetheless. Here at Double Glazing Newcastle, we do our best to provide you with info on the best glazing companies in the area that provide the best work at the best price; however, regardless of who you choose to provide your new windows, you’ll be looking at a bill for a few thousand pounds for an energy efficient upgrade. Having parted with such a significant amount of money, you are naturally going to want your windows to have some longevity. Which brings me to a commonly asked question: how long does double glazing last?

You get what you pay for

Window investment

As with most things in life, when it comes to double glazing, you definitely get what you pay for. If you purchase cheap windows from an unknown company, you’d be fooling yourself in thinking that they will last as long as windows from, say, a reputable name.

The good news is, providing you purchase your frames from a well known and well-respected company, you can expect your windows to last a lot longer that they would have done if you were buying them 20 years ago. Technology and materials have improved dramatically in the past two decades and windows that would have come with a 5-year guarantee and a lifespan of 10 years tops, are now supplied with a 10-year guarantee and are likely to still be going strong for double that length of time.

Look after your windows and your windows will look after you

A little bit of TLC goes a long way when it comes to making double glazing last. With no maintenance, typical uPVC frames should still last for a good 15 years; however, with some looking after you could see your windows performing well beyond their teenage years. It is generally recommended by double glazing companies that customers give the uPVC a wipe down with some soapy water every few months, and add a touch of oil to moving parts at least once a year. As the windows increase in age, you may also need to replace a hinge or two – doing this will not affect efficiency in any way.

For timber frame double glazing, maintenance will be more labour intensive, with treatment needed to prevent shrinking, warping, and rotting. However, if you are willing to do this once a year, timber frames can easily outlast some uPVC frames!

An excellent investment

The average cost of double glazed windows in the UK is around £300 per window fitted. For a standard three-bedroom house, the cost to have new windows installed would be around £3,600. With properly maintained windows easily lasting 20 years that works out at only £200 per year. Take into account the fact that energy efficient windows can save you up to £461 per year in household bills and, not only will double glazing provide longevity, they’ll turn a profit too!