Dress Your Windows in Style

Window Shutters

Your windows are such an important aspect of every single room. They are crucial for light control, privacy and play a large role in the design features of the room. There are many different ways to dress a window and they all can produce very different effects. Here is an insight into some great ways to dress your windows.


Window Shutters

A really cool ways to dress your windows is by adding some shutters to the mix. This gives a great effect and gives the room a look inspired by the beautiful architecture of such places as Greece and Italy.

I would suggest that this technique would be most effective in rooms like the kitchen and dining area as they can be opened to allow maximum light into the room and also give a unique touch to the room.

Roman Blinds

These are a very nice option as they look super slick when folded up at the top of the window and also offer necessary privacy when folded down. They are good for light control and with the range of patterns to choose from you will have no trouble finding some to fit the style of the room in question.

Sheer Curtains

You can’t go wrong with a bit of sheer in your home as they are amazing for allowing light into your home whilst also making the window a stylish aspect of the room. They are preferable in rooms that require little privacy and lots of light.

A natural approach

A natural look is a great one to adopt when dressing your windows and I would strongly recommend adding some plants to a room for a fresh and natural look. A really smart look for a room is to have a vase with a loud plant in the window and the best way to accompany this would be to put up some wood blinds or woven shades which will bring out the best in your room that is at one with nature.

They are brilliant for letting light in and add a really special feel to the room with their natural effect.

Mix and Match

No one ever said you had to stick to just one option. Sometimes it can be effective to mix things up a bit and go for some ceiling or floor curtains as well as some Roman Blinds or sheer curtains as this can look great if done properly and allows more than one design to choose from depending on your mood.

Colour is key

Colour Curtains

When thinking about dressing your windows you need to consider what effect you want to have on the room as a whole. The colour of the curtains and pattern plays a huge part in this so it is important that you think carefully when choosing.

You can opt for some light colours such as pale yellows, pinks, and white variations which will add light to the room or you can go for some darker colours like a deep blue which is ideal for blocking out light and these darker tones also have a strong effect on the overall style of the room as they are very dominant and eye-catching.

There is always the option of a two tone approach which will give you the best of both worlds and this creates a smart and unique look.