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If you’re thinking about having double glazing installed in your home, then it goes without saying that you want the very best.

However, with the market so fragmented and pricing more competitive than ever, it can be easy to fall into a trap of hiring a company that offers the cheapest price, only to find out the service is far from pleasing.

Fortunately, for you as the customer, the building industry is pretty well regulated and finding a reputable company means looking out for just one credential – FENSA

What is FENSA?

FENSA is not actually an acronym of For Ensuring No Service Appals; that was just done using a bit of creativity on my part to highlight how choosing a FENSA accredited builder will ensure you a quality service.

In truth, FENSA is not actually an acronym – it stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. The Glass and Glazing Federation (among others) set up FENSA with government encouragement in response to the current building regulations in England and Wales.

These new regulations are related to energy efficiency and cover all replacement doors and windows, requiring all installers and buyers of windows and doors to comply with improved energy efficiency requirements.

How this benefits you

Rather than bore you with all the industry regulations and specifics, let’s get on to what really matters: how it benefits you.

Window installer

A FENSA accreditation ensures that all windows and doors meet the highest standards of thermal performance. What this means is that, by dealing with a FENSA-certified installer, you can enjoy the benefits of a warm home, with improved comfort, a reduced carbon footprint and, perhaps best of all, savings on your household energy bills.

As a FENSA-certified installer, a double glazing company will undergo regular assessment carried out by third-party inspectors to ensure that strict standards of regulation adherence and customer service are being maintained.

In addition to this, companies must also offer you a money back guarantee and provide a homeowner certificate that proves government standards have been met.

To date, over nine million of these certificates have been sent out, making FENSA the industry leader in double glazing installations.

What if you don’t use FENSA?

There is no rule out there that states that you must use a registered installer, but, as we have covered, doing so is to your benefit.

Whenever you replace windows and doors in your home, the government requires that a certificate be obtained from FENSA or local authority building control.

If you decide to install double glazing yourself or hire a local builder without accreditation, you may need approval and purchase a certificate – this can cost between £75 and £150.

The bottom line is: FENSA is the industry gold standard for replacement windows and doors!