How to clean your double glazed windows

Windows Being cleaned

There’s no doubt of the greatly positive effect that the right double glazing windows can have on your home, from boosting its energy efficiency and lowering your heating bills to simply making your home more presentable and easier to sell.

On the subject of making your home look presentable, every now and then, you will inevitably need to clean your windows – and many homeowners are understandably anxious about ensuring that they do the job correctly.

Windows Being cleaned

Of course, from the outside, the cleaning of your double glazed windows is much like the cleaning of any other type of window.

We would suggest that you clean yours with a clean cloth and a clear non-abrasive cleaner, such as a proprietary window cleaner or even just clean, soapy water.

If your glass has an etched surface, then we would advise that you remove the dirt from the recesses with a stiff bristle or nylon brush.

Generally speaking, this simple process is enough to bring great results – but sometimes, you might need to go further, using a mild acid such as vinegar or a mild solvent like methylated spirit, being careful not to spill any of these on other materials and surfaces.

If even this treatment doesn’t work, then the unfortunate signs are that you’ll need to have your glass abraded and re-polished, and this is an expensive endeavour.

What if I need to clean inside the window panes?

This is a classic problem with double glazed windows: all manner of detritus, from bits of spider web and grime to plain and simple dust, have gathered between the panes of your window.

To understand how this has arisen, you need to understand exactly what double glazed windows are.

Such windows consist of two pieces of glass, constructed so that an airtight seal divides them.

The purpose of this seal is to lock the air in so that it insulates your property, delivering the great energy efficiency that helped to justify your purchase of double glazed windows in the first place.

If you start to see a build-up of water or dirt between the two panes of Double Glazing, then you can safely assume that the seal has been broken. It only takes a break the size of a pinhole for such dirt to start gathering.

Unfortunately, cleaning between the panes of your double glazed window is just too big a job to do on your own, without ruining the window.

In order to clean between the two pieces of glass, you would need to completely take the window apart, which would break the seal much more drastically. Only by hiring a professional could you then reseal the window.

So, the bad news is that if this is the dirt that is troubling you, then you might be best served by replacing the window entirely.

The good news, though, is that there are various reputable providers of double glazed windows that can give you a suitably stunning new unit or two. Then, you’ll simply have the issue of keeping those ones clean…