Brighten up your home this Summer

UK house during Summer

Summer is well underway and this is the time of year that it is essential to bringing the outdoors into our homes. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to maximise the level of natural light in our rooms.

A home that is full of light gives off a positive, warm and welcoming feel to your guests which will create a great first impression.

It is also important for you to have a well lit home because this will make your home feel more comfortable and pleasant to be in. The last thing you want, especially throughout the summer is to be spending time in a dull and lifeless home which absorbs none of the light from the blazing sun outside. Here are our tips to maximise the natural light in your home.

Make the most of your window space

A great idea for allowing light into your home this summer is to keep all of your windows relatively freed up. Don’t clutter your windowsills with pointless artefacts that you’ve accumulated over the years.

It is important that you are giving the light outside the chance to enter your home so you should seek to avoid light-blocking window treatments.

Keep it clean

Your windows are subject to all different weather types as well as dust, condensation and the sticky fingers of children. Therefore it is imperative that you clean your windows on a regular basis.

Getting rid of the grime that your windows pick up is a great way to maximise the light levels in your home.

Home being cleaned

If your windows seem to have permanent blotches or condensation spots then I’d suggest that it’s time you replaced them. This would indicate that the seal in the double or triple glazing has been broken which will not be good for your homes efficiency as well as looking bad.

If you are considering replacing windows then you may wish to think about tilt and turn windows which are the easiest to maintain as you can clean them on the inside and outside from the safety of your home.

Light up your décor

Having bright ceilings can help you maximise the light in your home as this will reflect the light.

Also adding a natural feel can be effective and create a really nice atmosphere. This can be anything from wallpaper with plants on to actually adding real plants to a room in your house.

Mirrors and reflective surfaces

Another good way to brighten up a room is to use mirrors directly opposite to the window which will help to send light across the whole room.

Bedroom Mirror

Other reflective surfaces like black glass, which looks great in kitchens, can be another great way to generate natural light.

What are your top tips for helping to bright up your home during the summer? Comment below or you tweet us